Leaders in Training Program (L.I.T.)

Leaders In Training Program Is A Great Way To Learn & Grow

We developed our Leaders in Training program to help our teen and mature campers gain confidence, learn leadership and practice coaching skills, while they have a great time at Camp. Under the supervision and direction of some of our most experienced staff members, Leaders in Training or LITs as they’re known in camp, help organize camp programs and activities, assist with camper supervision and programming, coach and encourage younger campers, and help organize and deliver the mail. LITs contribute to the best of their abilities, and we acknowledge and value all their contributions.

We review every application for our Leaders in Training program carefully to be certain that the prospective LIT likes working with younger campers, and is mature enough to understand and accept the increased responsibility and duties that come with the L.I.T. program. When being an LIT isn’t the right fit, we enroll applicants as campers for the summer, and provide alternate leadership and growth opportunities.

Our Leaders in Training program is a great way for adolescent and mature campers who are ready for bigger challenges to test themselves and learn how to accept responsibility, while still having fun. They learn the importance of being on time, directing and supporting others, while receiving a huge confidence boost by knowing their contributions are recognized by campers and staff alike!