Camper Testimonials In Their Own Words

Camper Testimonials – In Their Own Words

We encourage you to scroll through the camper testimonials on this page – so you can get a real flavour for what Camp Kennebec is all about – in our campers’ own words.  As you’ve read the different pages on our website, you’ve likely visited a page or two that had parent testimonials or an expert review, and certainly quite a bit of material that we’ve written ourselves.

Last summer, we asked our campers to write a few words about what camp meant to them or what they liked about camp.  Some campers chose to write a few words, others drew a picture and others wrote mini-essays.

All the comments mean so much to us, since we know each of the campers’ personalities, dreams and accomplishments so well.  And while not all of the camper testimonials may be easy to understand if you haven’t been part of Camp Kennebec before,  trust us when we say that they are unique ways for each Kennebecer to say that they love it here.

Camper Testimonials:

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